API Documentation

Our API allows you to retrieve informations from our website via GET request and supports the following query parameters:

Name Description
url (required) This parameter creates a short URL for your URL (site), and will return the following: id (unique id), url (site url), custom (will contain custom (alias) or/and subdomain if not empty) and the short (shortned url) value.
custom (optional) the name of custom alias.(For example : http://p0w.co/alias)
subdomain (optional) the name of subdomain.(For example : http://subdomain.p0w.co/)
frame (optional) The type of forward . Can be Cloack (frame = 1) or 302 redirect (frame = 0) .frame = 0 is default.
frame must be = 0 when both custom (alias) and subdomain are empty.

URL parameter

Here is an example of a GET request on our API:


This is the output that our API will return when you query for an url:
An example of json decoding would be the following PHP code:

header('Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8;');
$file = file_get_contents("http://p0w.co/api.php?url=http://google.com");